Skylight Hello World SDK Integration - Dockerized

I am planning to share the Quick Start Guide configured as a docker container with the community to simplify the execution of the code. The code has been converted to leverage Environment variables and the values can be specified using the file.

I would like to confirm that it would be ok for me to share the public repository.
AmoghQuickStartService/ at master · patvin80/AmoghQuickStartService (

The Readme file of the repository has details about the conversion and also the pre-requisites and the instructions to run the application.

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Thank you for the post! I moved it into this new category as it would be unsupported code from Upskill, and supported directly from our community members like you.

I would also like to point out documentation example could evolve or change in the future, keep an eye out for that.

Great Job doing this! We hope to see more in the future!