Other system integration with quick start app (workflow)

I have found one of the use cases with a torque wrench on your website. And we are currently using a wireless torque wrench for the digital work order trial. I would like to integrate this wireless torque wrench with quick start workflow app in skylight. Could you give me some guidance of how to start the integration so that I can start integrating the torque wrench with the quick start workflow app? (API, Script, app data,etc…)
torque wrench

Hi Ryan,

Depending on the actual device there could be different ways to connect to it. But assuming it is a Bluetooth device you could pair it to your Smart Glasses, if supported, and query the device.

Here is some information regarding that process from our online documentation, look for bluetooth.devices.

You can also review Bluetooth Input in the docs.

Some of the wireless device don’t connect via Bluetooth. You may need to look at their documentation to learn how to integrate with them. You may need to query them directly via their own APIs. It could be done directly or via an integration. It really depends on the device.