New: Application Upgrade Management

There a 2 scenarios that developers need to consider when publishing a new version of an application:‌

  1. A new application version is published that utilizes new features that aren’t supported on the client version that is installed by one or more end users.
  2. A new application version is published, but end users have existing open sessions started from a prior application version. In this scenario, if a breaking change was introduced it is possible that session data could be come corrupt or cause other issues with the application.

The compatibility version is a new tool that allows developers to understand and compare feature compatibility between different components of the Skylight platform. When new features are released, the compatibility version number is bumped. The Compatibility Version Feature Matrix tracks which features are included for each compatibility version. The Release Notes for each client also document which compatibility version they support. The compatibility version for the client and currently loaded application can be queried from an event script with the application.compatibilityVersion and environment.application.compatibilityVersion properties.

The application upgrade behavior and application upgrade event script are new tools available to developers for handling open sessions. Developers can choose between optional or forced upgrade options for new application versions and also handle data migration in the upgrade script.

For more information, read the documentation on Application Upgrade Management.