Multiple choices issue (quick start workflow) in iPhone or iPad rev1

Hi, the icon of multiple choices is not visible with iPad and iPhone in a quick start workflow. Also, there is an empty space between steps. This is totally ok with the Google glass’s view as attached below.
I believe this can be addressed quickly…


Hi Ryan,

A new post was created to answer the blank space issue. Please see Blank space between steps (Workflow QSA).

We are looking at the icon issue as well.

Hello Ryan!

We have identified the issue on iOS and Web, it will be fixed in the next Workflow app release.

In the meantime, there is a workaround in the current version. In Application Builder you can navigate to Views->Choice-Inline-Text->Databind->Icon->Binding Logic and edit the values. Example below:


Hi Shivam,

I have changed the binding logic, but it still has a problem as seen below.
The question mark doesn’t change after clicking it and the grey color image is still there.

Hi Ryan,

We aren’t able to reproduce the icon update issue after editing the binding logic. Can you see if you have the same issue on the Web client? If it doesn’t work for you on Web we know that this is specific to your copy of the Workflow App.

If it doesn’t work as expected on Web, please share the values in your Binding Logic (Application Builder->Views->Choice-Inline-Text->Databind->Icon->Binding Logic).

The extra media icon(grey image) will be addressed in the next Workflow App release.


Hi Ryan,

To be clear the binding that you adjusted added the icons on the right side of the screen.

The icon you identified on the left side should not be there, and will be fixed in the next release of the application like @shivam.vachhani said.

Hi Shivam ( and @ClaudeB)

I changed a multiple choice’s binding logic (views ->multiple choice->icon data bind ->text.icon.uri) because previous bind logic did not allow me to see the check box with google glass as below, showing an empty white box (was ok in web client). After I changed the multiple choice’s binding logic, it allowed me to see the check box (see below). I used one of the icon libraries.
If the empty white box can be changed to a tick box, that would be perfect.

Hello Ryan,

After changing the multiple-choice binding logic we are seeing icons update as expected on Glass EE2:

From the screenshot you provided it doesn’t look like the binding logic was updated for Multiple choice. Can you confirm the changes were saved on your side?

Hi Shivam,
As I explained, when I use multiple choice binding logic, it shows the empty box not check box. Thus, I had to change it to “complete_01” binding logic, but with this, webclient doesn’t show the check box properly. I hope this is clear to you now…

Hello Ryan,

Thank you for the clarifying that. We can’t reproduce this on our side as we are seeing correct icon behavior on iOS/Web/EE2 when we change:

  1. Choice-inline-text binding logic:

  2. Multiple-choice binding logic:

{{ context.isCurrentAnswer ? “resource://ic_state_complete_01” : “resource://ic_state_multiplechoice_01”}}

We are planning to release a new version of the Workflow app early next week with these fixes implemented. It would be great if you can check against that release.

Hi Ryan,

Can you check on Workflow v1.3 to see if you’re still having this issue?