Is there a default group in skylight for all users?

We would like to know what are the default groups in skylight were all users are accessible. Is there a group that users are automatically assigned to when a user is created?

There are no default groups in Skylight. Any groups needed would have to be created either manually or via API calls. Once the group is created, users would need to be added one by one manually or via the APIs. When new users are added to Skylight they would need to be added manually to the group or have an extension listen for new users and add them to the group.

The SDK could be used to facilitate the calls needed to complete this task.

In general, you would:

  • Create a “Manager” to manage your connection to Skylight
  • Create the new group: var groupId = await manager.CreateGroup(name, description);
  • Read all user to get their userId
  • Add all the users to the group you created above. The groupId and userId are needed to add users to a group. await manager.AssignUserToGroup(userId, group.Id);

The extension mentioned above would be an application written outside Skylight. You can reference the Getting Started section of our documentation for this. Part 5 covers the connectivity needed for an external application.