Introducing Next-Gen Skylight Applications

Next-gen applications are the next evolution of the Skylight platform. We’ve rearchitected the tech stack and reimagined how applications work in order to give more power and flexibility to developers, improve performance, and lay the foundation for many new capabilities.

:muscle: More Power and Flexibility for Developers - Skylight Application Builder has been retooled to provide developers with more power to tailor application functionality with custom logic and more customizable UI elements.

:link: Simpler Integration to External Systems - The redesigned application architecture dramatically reduces the burden on developers to integrate Skylight with enterprise systems. Extensions are now simpler and easier to write.

:racing_car: Improved Performance & Reliability - The new architecture includes optimized data communication, faster assignment load times, and increased resiliency to application or platform upgrades.

:ship: Solution Portability - Applications can be fully exported and imported for easily transferring between domains or utilizing Upskill-provided reference application for quickly getting started.

:mag: New Governance and Compliance Tools - Applications now support customizable roles and access control, detailed audit trails, application versioning, and application publishing workflows.

:construction_worker_man:Enhanced Work Execution Modes - Work sessions can be collaborated on between multiple users simultaneously, handed off between users at the end of a shift, and handed off between devices.

:phone: Enhanced Video Calling - Skylight Live has been rearchitected to support multi-party calls, screen sharing, and more. Developers now have the power to create customized applications, built around calling.

Read the blog post to learn more.

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