Capturing camera video while navigating cards

Is there a way to turn on the video camera in the background so that a user can record while navigating through the cards? For example, card 1 says “Start Capture” (select to begin recording), cards 2 - 12 give a list of steps to perform, and step 13 says “End Capture” (select to end recording). The topic at doesn’t mention this.

Currently, leaving the video capture activity completes the capture, so I don’t believe there is any way to perform a capture in the background. The closest feature would be to perform a video call, which can then be minimized (which will keep the user in the call) while the user performs the other tasks. With that said, video calls do not support video recording at the moment.

This is definitely good feedback though, we’ll make sure this use case gets passed along to our product team. Thank you!