Application Archved but want it back

I clicked on archive application after publish application and now I am not able to view the app or record a demo of the same

Hi Vinit,

Unfortunately, archive is not an easily recoverable action. I apologize that this is not more obvious in the product. We have near-term plans to add a warning dialog to help avoid this issue in the future.

To restore an archived application:

  1. Grab the App ID from the dashboard for the application. If you no longer see your application in the list you’ll need to change the filter setting to display archived applications.
  2. Open the JavaScript developer console in Chrome (Shift+Ctrl+J)
  3. Run the following: skylight.we20.application.unarchiveById('<applicationId>') , replacing <applicationId> with the App ID from step 1
  4. Refresh the page if necessary
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